Karl Mark [Reinstment]

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San Andreas Police Department
1.Full Name: Karl White Mark
3. Date of Birth: 06/06/1971
4. Gender : Male
5.Last Rank: Sergeant III
6. Residence Address : Santa Maria Beach, Number 69.
7. Country of Citizenship : American
1.Why did you dismissed/resign from SAPD? : At that moment suddenly my sister who overseas had a severe accident and had to be operated immediately, therefore I had to fly abroad to take care of my sister who was injured severely due to the accident that he experienced, until the team of doctors also said that he had a coma, and during that time I had to take care of her and take care of her all the time, because my sister was not married and in the family only left us alone. Until finally I decided to stop at the San Andreas Police Department on the grounds of taking care of my sister who was in a coma.
2.Why do you want to come back to SAPD? : After my sister was conscious, I tried to return to America but at that time my finances were in crisis due to the cost of my sibling, and I tried to find other side job and until my finance was fulfilled to return to America, who advised me to return to the San Andreas Police Department because it was rumored that SAPD lacked members and the Traffic Enforcement Units I once led had also suffered a downturn, so I reiterated myself to return to SAPD and take up the previous division of Traffic Enforcement Units, and try to operate as I did before.
3.Why we should take you back as a SAPD Officer? : When I was at the San Andreas Police Department, I once headed the Traffic Enforcement Units division, and developed the obligations as instructed, the citizens were happy with my presence in America at the time, so I wanted to try to restore such a moment, and trying to advance SAPD for the better as in previous years when I was young, my age is already almost 45 years old but my firmness is still as strong as when I was young, and I also have good experience in the field of shooting , driving, and managing traffic well, and I often help the poor or in distress at Housing or on the Streets
1. Provide a scanned document of your identification card ((/idcard)): ACCESS
2. Provide a scanned document of your valid licenses ((/licenses)): ACCESS

I, Karl Mark, hereby sign this contract that vouches my agreement to the terms of using this official format and understand that upon writing this document everything that I have stated here is true and that I'm obligated to follow the rules and regulations of the entire Reinstatement Process that have been explained to me previously and that any attempt to cheat my way into the SAPD will result in the immediate denial of my application. I agree that the officer(s) reviewing my application withhold the right to deny it at any time for any reason they deem acceptable or necessary.
Out of Character Reason
1. Name Lengkap: Rizky Hatta Adhyaksa
2. Kenapa dipecat/mengundurkan diri dari SAPD? : Auto Kick Faction (Baru masuk 1 minggu)
3. Mengapa ingin kembali ke SAPD? : Pengen RP Police.
4. Mengapa kami harus menerima anda kembali sebagai anggota SAPD?: Punya Pengalaman soal PD.
5. Dalam satu hari, berapa jam anda mampu untuk online? : 1-3 h / d
6. Waktu bermain SAMP: 2 tahun lebih
7) ID Line : nohumanalive
8) Link Facebook : facebook.com/NoHumanAlive
9) Nomor Handphone: -

Karl White Mark - Captain


Badge Number: 069
Service : Jan 5th 2018 - Present
Academy : Police Academy #29
Rank : Captain

History :
  • Join to San Andreas Police Department, April 24th 2017
  • Join to Traffic Enforcement Unit, May 2th 2017
  • Join to High Speed Interceptor Unit, May 7th 2017
  • Join to Training and Recruitment Unit, May 25th 2017
  • Quit from High Speed Interceptor Unit, May 25th 2017
  • Join to Criminal Intelligence Division, May 25th 2017
  • Quit from San Andreas Police Department, Sep 2017
  • Reinstatement to San Andreas Police Department, Jan 5th 2018
SAPD Exceptional Promotion :
  • Police Officer I to Sergeant I, May 7th 2017
  • Sergeant I to Lieutenant, May 23th 2017
  • Lieutenant to Police Officer III, Jan 5th 2018
  • Police Officer III to Captain, Jan 11th 2018
Division :
  • TEU - Traffic Enforcement Unit
Office :
  • PM Office

Captain - Karl White Mark
San Andreas Police Department